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After talking in the last article about some general data of the Blackjack casino game and presenting the Labouchere system, we will present you two more winning strategies for the famous game 21.

The Paroli system

This system is one of those extremely interesting blackjack casino strategies, being one of positive progression. However, the stakes will not be very high, as in the previous system. This betting system is considered a very safe and very balanced one, and the bettor will be the one to set the rules.

It will be bet with one unit. If the first bet has already been won, then the next bet consists of the first bet, joined by the first win. If the player wins again, the rule of a second bet will be applied, to which is added the second win. This blackjack casino strategy does not have a significant loss for the player, so if you have lost more than once you will surely only lose the money from the first bet.

And as any blackjack casino strategy is effective with a well-developed bankroll, it would be good for the player to know from the beginning how many steps he will follow and not to continue beyond this stage as he could suffer a loss.

 The Martingale System

It is one of the most popular blackjack casino strategies among these casino games. However, excited about winning, many players lost large sums of money, playing without good bankroll management. However, we could say that the Martingale strategy applied correctly could also bring great chances of winning for the player.

Specifically, the Martingale system envisages a progressive betting system that forces the player to double the stake at any loss. If you win, you will start with a bet unit. The main disadvantage of this blackjack casino strategy is that the player will need large sums of money to be able to play with those who apply this blackjack casino strategy. Doubling the stake by the player who lost that bet involves huge costs for him, which he must assume through a precise and well-developed bankroll.

These three casino blackjack strategies are very effective for any type of player. However, it is good for amateur or beginner players to avoid the Martingale system at first, not knowing how it works or not having a large stake, they will most likely end up losing, which will be to their detriment. Therefore, a player at the beginning of the road is good to effectively calculate the three game strategies, to observe how he can apply them so that there is no risk and then to assume the game itself.

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