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Online casinos offer players a variety of money games – from popular slots or table games, all these money games are extremely attractive and interesting!

When we consider the online roulette game, we can’t help but think that it is one of the most well-known money games, whose rules are loved by all those who love casino life. However, online roulette games do not provide players with fabulous winnings, leaving everything to chance and luck. But, like all these games with money, it is necessary this time to know as well as possible how they work, what are the strategies, the online roulette betting systems and only then you can think about a possible win.

Before we talk at length about online roulette betting systems, let’s remember that there are several types of roulette. The European version is the most loved by gambling lovers, because it brings higher winnings. The American version of online roulette is less popular, being considered heavier, because it has an extra number, respectively double zero (00).

We will present below 2 of the betting systems for these cash games, and in the next article we will present the others:

Martingale system – this is an extremely popular betting system, whether we are talking about gambling or sports betting. The Martingale system considers the 2.00 odds bet either on color or on the even / odd option. When you lose that bet, you do not have to give up, but you will continue betting again, with one difference – you will double the stake. You will do the same until you manage to achieve the gain you want.

Although with a winning bet, you will be able to recover the entire initial investment, players need to have large sums of money available, which they can “throw” into the game.

Fibonacci String System – is quite similar to the other online roulette betting system listed above. As such, the stakes will have to be increased for each bet lost, and it is advisable to bet on odds of 3. This system has the advantage that the online roulette player does not need an equally large amount of money to dispose of. to be able to play. A disadvantage of this online roulette betting system is that with a odds of 3 there are more “chances” of having more bets lost, compared to Martingale’s system, where you bet on odds of 2.

These are two of the most popular roulette betting systems. If you are a beginner, we recommend our articles in the Learn category where we present a detailed description of the roulette game as well as the main rules of the game. Also here you can find information about several types of money games.

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